Monday, January 31, 2005


The Player's union has approved a trade that would send Sammy Sosa from the Cubs to my Baltimore Orioles. I am sooooo excited!! Now we have 5 people (Sosa, Miguel Tejada, Raphael Palmeiro, Javy Lopez, and Jay Gibbons) With the potential to hit over 30 homers and drive in 100 plus RBI's. I guess that the Cubs were desperate to get rid of Sosa, because all the O's gave up was Jerry Hairston and a couple of minor leaguers. If the O's can get 1 more starting pitcher, this team could be as good as the 1996 and 97 teams that made it to the American League Championship Series both years. I dont think they are ready to challenge the Yankees and Red Sox for the AL East title, but they could possibly challenge for the Wild Card. Can't Wait till Opening Day!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2005


I really feel kinda weird! We havn't able to go to Church the past 2 weeks because of the ice here. I miss it! Hopefully next week, the weather will be more cooperative. God, I'm glad ya understand!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Today, I lost a friend. Not by death, but by I don't know what. I had been friends with Cathy, who I have mentioned a couple times on here, for almost 4 years, but today, I got a pm from her boyfriend telling me to back of from her. I guess I can live with one less friend in my life.

Friday, January 28, 2005


The first girl I ever had a crush on was Alice Visconti in fourth through sixth grade. I dunno why I liked her, I just did. She and her sister Jenny would come around my place all the time and we would hang out and go to the stores. We had a pretty good time. However, when we got to junior high school, she was one of the people who turned against me, and I havn't seen her since then...ahh the memories!


I know this might get me in trouble but...

Why is it that so called "Christians" (I call them So called because the way some of the more extreme ones treat certain types of people) can get away with bashing gays, the media, hollywood and the like, but when you try to point out their faults, they get all upset and call anyone who disagress with them ungodly. Believe me, I'm a Christian, and I would never do anything like that. I respect all kinds of people.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


As a lot of you know, I'm fat. Last week, we bought a treadmill. I have been using it ever day since, except for today, since my back and knees hurt too much. I can already feel a difference. My legs feel a lot stronger, it doesn't hurt me to walk a long way, and I'm not always out of breath. I run it 3 times a day for 1o minutes. Now ifI could get a good diet going.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I will admit it, I am jealous becuase it seems all of my friends are getting married and I'm not. Through out my 33 years on this Earth, you'd think some person of the female persuasion would find me interesting, even though I'm fat and ordinary looking. Everyone says it'll happen when the time comes, but I dunno. I try to be nice to everyone, but it doesn't seem to help any. I am seriously beginning to think that that phrase God has someone for everyone may not be so true.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sweet Relief!

I never really knew just how theraputic blogging can be! After my post of a few days ago about how mad I was at the bitch who got my mom hurt, I feel a helluva lot better! It feels so good to be able to blow steam and put pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keyboard) and write down how you really feel!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Today we had our first measurable amount of snow. I think we probably had about 2 inches or so, plus ice. Snow I can handle, but ice....expecially when you live on a hill like I do!

Friday, January 21, 2005


I've missed out on a lotta things in my life that now I wish I woulda done.

Didn't go to my High School Prom: Didn't figure they wanted me there since I was the most hated
person in School.

Didn't tell Stephanie Weber I had a HUGE crush on her in High school. See above for the reason.

Shoulda done a better job sticking up for myself in school, wouldn't have all the probs I do now.

Shoulda watched what I ate.

Shoulda tried not to be so shy.

And millions of other things...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Lately, a few of my friends have or are gonna be getting married. In case I ever get married, here's my idea of a good wedding. Go to a judge, get the deed done, then lunch at Mcdonald's. Romantic, huh? I hate dressing up!

Monday, January 17, 2005


Dear (Hah!) Hellen Thompson:

Do you know what you have done to my family? Your greed has ruined not only my Mom, but our entire family! You were thinking about nothing but making money for the company when you told Mom that it was ok to work on that machine while it was running. Because of that, Mom's hand will never work again, and because of the trauma she went through, she now has to take seizure medicines. And also, you worthless piece of shit, for the first year after the accident, she did nothing but sit on the edge of her bed and cry. And it has also affected the relationship between her and me. Before June 28, 2000, We did all sorts of things together, we took of every couple of weekneds and went down to VA, and all sorts of other things, but now we cant do that much, since she can't drive long distance anymore. I don't know how it's affected my Dad, because he keeps it to himself, but I sure the fuck can tell you how it's hurt me. First off, I have been depressed for almost 5 years because of this, and all I do at night is cry. Second, I have slowly been losing faith in God, because he did nothing to prevent this. I was always a cheerful person, but not anymore. So do not come to me asking for forgiveness, because while my Mom has come to terms with this, you wont get any mercy from me. I hope you have some sort of painful accident or disease, then you would know what you've done to us.

See you in Hell Bitch

Sunday, January 16, 2005


When I first started collecting coins, My Dad and I found this neat coin shop in Annandale, VA. Every Thursday night, they had an auction there, and it was nothing for us to blow a bunch of money each week. The funny thing was, the people that ran the place thought that Dad was the collector. Actually, back then he couldnt tell one coin from another. Most of the people that participated in the auctions were older, more experienced collectors. So imagine their surprise when you got a 9 or 10 year old kid gathering in their huddles and getting in on the converstaions, and talking about coin stuff that a kid my age had no business even knowing about! You shoulda seen the looks on those guys' faces. HEHE

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Today's goat of the day is NY Jets kicker Doug Brien. He missed 2 field goal attempts in the last 2 minutes of the Jets' 20-17 overtime playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. His first miss, from 47 yards, doinked of the crossbar, and the 2nd from 43, he flat out missed. One week ago you won a game against San Diego with an OT field goal, so wear the horns with shame, Doug!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


As a coin collector, I've seen a lot of different coin designs. Here's some of my favorites:

1: $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece: Universally called the most beautiful design, but there are a
lotta people who will say that The Walking Liberty Half is.

2: Walking Liberty Half: See above. Love that obverse!

3: Peace Dollar: Love that Eagle on the Mountain reverse!

4: Standing Liberty Quarter: I've given this coin a nickname: "The Janet Jackson Coin"
because of a "wardrobe malfunction" (for those non collectors readign this, on the 1916 issue
of this coin, one of Ms. Liberty's boobs are sticking out. Later issues had it covered with

5: Frankin Half Dollar: Just a great overall design.

My Favorite Paper Money design is the 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Bank Note. That Battleship
on the back gets me both as a collector and a navy buff.

I have a couple foreign coin designs too that I really like:

Reverse of the British Gold Soverign: Pistrucci's rendering of St. George Vs. the Dragon still
looks good after 200 years.

Voyageur reverse of the old Canadian silver dollars. The 2 guys rowing a canoe by and island with the Northern Lights in the background really sharp.

Any comments from you collectors out there?

Monday, January 10, 2005


Yes, I think my Mom is nuts! I know shes in discomfort because of her hand, but still, she still should have som common sense left. We nearly got into a fight today. She was going to g ovisit a friend, but my Dad, like he always does when he doesn't want to do something, went to take a nap. I was going to watch the dogs while she was gone, but I had to go to the bathroom first. She thought I was going back into my room and let the dogs run all over the house, so she started throwing one of her fits. If you woulda given me 2 minutes, I woulda been outta the bathroom! Geez!!

Friday, January 07, 2005


Wednesday has to have been one of the worst days I've been through. First off, My Mom wasn't doing too good. Ever since she got hurt, she has been having seizures every once in a while, and on this day, she started showing symptoms of starting to have one. I got no sleep, because I was afraid that she would have one and we'd have to call 911. Luckily, she's doing OK now. And also, my friend Kat was going through some stuff that I really don't think she'd like discussed. THANK GOD TODAY IS FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Forgiveness is such a hard thing to do! I know that it is a necessary thing to do in order to find peace in life and to put the past behind, byt nonetheless it's difficult. Being a Christian, it's a must in my case. There are 2 major things/people I need to forgive. The first is all those people who picked on me in school and made my life a shamables. That one, I'm working on. The one I'm having a REAL hard time doing is forgiving Hellen Thompson for getting my Mom hurt. If it had been a plain old accident, I'd be fine. But since it was due to greed, therein lies my problem. I guess it's becuase I'm one of those people who just can't tolerate stupidity. I was making a comment about it in the chatroom last night and my friend Cathy said " Billy, you just gotta give it to God, or it will eat you alive." I'm trying, I really am....

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Sometimes, things happen that let you know that sometimes, the things that worry you or you complain about just arent worth it. Today, that hit me full force. In Church today, a lady that goes there was talkign about her battle with Cancer that began a year ago. She seems to have beaten it, but some tests she had last week showed some things, so we're still praying for her. My point is, My problems with my weight, friends , and all the other stuff I worry about aren't nothing compared to what she's goin through.