Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Too All You Shippers...

Who insist on sending hateful tweets to members of the TVD/Originals casts because you don’t like who’s with who…..YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR with wishing that Candice Accola loses her baby and Leah Pipes dies of cancer, and the constant hate heaped upon Phoebe Tonkin! And let’s not forget all the hate that Nikki Reed has gotten since she and Ian Somerhalder have been married. It is totally disgusting and needs to stop! You, my friends, are not fans, you are SICK!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

It’s A Shame……


That there are extremists in all religions that give  faith a bad name.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

It is Shameful…..


That stores have Christmas stuff up before Halloween! Doesn’t anyone remember what Christmas is all about?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I will Be Glad…..


When election season is over next year!  All the commercials, the negative adds, the mud slinging…is there anything else going on in the news besides hearing Trump and co. running their mouths?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

How Can Someone……


Just up and leave  their girlfriend for someone they met online after being together for 11 years?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Complete And Utter Chaos


Sooooo…..My Dad decided that my parent’s bedroom needed to be insulated more, so of course we have one great big mess here, with tearing the walls down, putting up new insulation, new drywall,  and having tools scattered all over the place.  Maybe we’ll get it cleaned sometime this year!

Friday, October 02, 2015

I Agree With The Oregon Sheriff…..



Who won’t mention the name of the shooter in yesterday’s Community College shooting.  We need to focus more on the victims.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Bad Trade


3 years ago, my Baltimore Orioles traded a struggling young pitcher named Jake Arrieta to the Chicago Cubs. In 2015, this same pitcher is a 20 game winner, has an ERA under 2.00, and threw a no hitter last month.  Bet the Orioles’ front office wants a do over on that one!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

I’m No Catholic……


But I admire Pope Francis for his down to earth, caring for the little guy mentality.  The man speaks his mind, and tells it like it is!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Podcast For Friday’s Show 9/4/15


Or Click Here

Between A Rock And A Hard Place


What’s your opinion of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who wouldn’t issue same sex marriage licenses, even though the Supreme Court has approved it?  She should either do her job, recuse herself and let her assistants do the paperwork, or quit!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Don’t Know Why I Even Try….


I have a friend that asks me for advice , and yet she heeds NONE of it!    No wonder she has trouble getting along with people….

Friday, August 28, 2015

Another Day…..


Another mentally ill person who shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun shoots an innocent person.  When will it end?  When will common sense people stand up to the NRA who thinks every bill to enact common sense gun laws is an infringement on the 2nd amendment? 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Giving 2 Puppies Haircuts…..


Is a weekend long project!  They squirm and squirm and hate it when you try to trim their feet or faces.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hypocrite of the Week


Goes to Josh Duggar: Not only did he molest his younger sisters when he was a kid, but he also had an Ashley Madison account. So much for family values!

Monday, August 03, 2015

My Birthday List 2015


Well, my birthday is in roughly 4 weeks, so if you’re in the giving mood you can get me:


Season 2 of Arrow on DVD

Seasons 4 and 5 of Pretty Little Liars on DVD

Any good book

Clothes-email me for my sizes


Any model airplane or ship kit

And if all else fails-Money

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Good Bit Of News


My Dad went to the Oncologist on Thursday and got a good bill of health. He doesn’t have to go back for a year!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good To Go


Good News! Mom went to the doctor on Tuesday and her leg is healed!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What We Have Is A Failure To Communicate


On Monday, my Mom went to the Dr. as she had a paper saying that she had an appointment to have her  leg checked. However, the office had given her someone else’s papers, so that trip was a waste of time and gas. Her appointment is really on Tuesday, so I’ll more info after that!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What’s Your Opinion …


About the Confederate Flag?  Symbol of slavery or symbol of Southern  pride?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So The Supreme Court….


Has said that Same Sex Marriage is OK, the Earth hasn’t ended, and all is well!  Seriously, though, We have bigger problems then who’s loving who. We have wars, people homeless and starving, and a million other things!  If a religious institution doesn’t want to let a gay and lesbian couple get married in their premises, then by all means they shouldn’t have to.  But all couples deserve to be married if they chose, either straight or gay, and someone’s civil rights should not but put up to popular vote or constitutional amendment!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Stubborn One…


My Mom is!  She over did it walking too much on her broken leg that she has to stay in a boot for 4 more weeks.  She just likes doing things too much, she can’t sit down and relax!

Monday, June 15, 2015

I Swear I Must Be Part Vampire…..


And I need a daylight ring!  I can’t go outside for more then a few minutes without the sun making be break out.  There is no use in me putting sun screen on, because it makes it worse, like   baking something with butter.  It itches like hell and looks ugly. Oh well…

Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

And I Thought I Was The Clumsy One!


A couple of weeks ago, my Mom broke her ankle by stumbling over a small mound of dirt in the back field.  She’s OK, gonna be in a cast for 6 weeks. That stumbling sounds like something I’d do!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

What’s The Matter With Texas?


The state that brought us LBJ and Ann Richards now is run and represented by crazies who think that a military exercise and the closing of some Wal-Marts is a sign that  President Obama wants to declare martial law and jail his opponents ( In said abandoned Wal-Marts).  Paranoia is running deep!  Voters, you deserve what you get for voting for this idiots or not voting at all!

Friday, May 01, 2015

The Justice System At Its Finest



Today’s announcement that charges will be filed against all the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray incident in Baltimore shows us that no one is above the law. That being said, we must remember that they are innocent until proven guilty.  No matter what the verdict in any potential trial will be, we must accept it and keep calm heads, even though we may have more tension.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Burning


People, rioting is not the way to change things or make your view known!  Yes, it’s sad that that man possibly died at the hands of the police, but burning down the town does not solve anything, it makes it even worse!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Which Side Of The Law Are You On?


It is getting terrible, hearing about all  these police officer killings of supposedly innocent people, mostly unarmed black men.  Are the cops getting too arrogant, wanting to show how tough they are?  Do police departments need to have better psychological testing?  More training?  Should every department require body cams?  This is getting serious, and all options need to be looked at!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015



My Sister Lori called me after not talkin to me for over a year.  It was pretty nice, family should not be strangers.

Monday, March 30, 2015

If It Sounds Like A Right To Discriminate Bill, And Looks Like A Right To Discriminate Bill…


Then It is a Right To Discriminate Bill! Look, Indiana, what do you think will happen if this law is used by businesses who don’t believe in gay people or maybe  people of different religions or no religion at all? It has to go!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Is Here!


And that means that  Baseball season will soon be upon us!  My Baltimore Orioles have lost Nelson Cruz ( AL leading 40 Homers in 2014) and longtime O Nick Markakis to free agency, but regain Matt Wieters and Manny Machado from Injury and Chris Davis (MLB leading 53 Homers in 2013)  from injury and suspension. Can the O’s repeat as AL East champs, or will the Red Sox and Yankees rebound from off seasons?  How will the Rays do without longtime manager Joe Maddon? What about the Blue Jays, with the hard hitting trio of Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Josh Donaldson?  We shall see!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Here We Go Again



The Republicans should not be playing politics with our national security!  If they don’t like the immigration executive order, let it work its way through the courts, and in the meantime,  pass a bill for funding DHS for longer then a week!



I didn’t know how good an imagination I had until I started writing all these stories I’ve been telling you about. It’s fun and I hope it pays off!

The New Kitty



Friday, February 13, 2015

Telling The Truth



You’d think that the press would want to get their facts true, but it seems like NBC’s Brian Williams didn’t. He’s been caught telling some false stories on his newscasts and other shows he’s been on, like coming under fire in Iraq.  Once the truth is lost, who can you believe?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beats Me!


How can a person who brushes their teeth every day get 3 cavities all at once?

Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Story…….


That  My Friend Rose And I are working on and hope to get published. Read and Enjoy!

Present Day: November 8,2013


Grace sits by the bedroom window in her hotel room with a diary in her hands. Every night before she goes to bed she faithfully writes in her diary. She doesn't care if someday someone finds her diary and reads it. She wants the entire world to know her love for the one and only one man in her life. It's been another long day of searching. Tomorrow she will start fresh looking over the log books and maps in the morning when she awakens. Even at the young age of 17 years old she has seen more than any other human of her age. The places she's traveled. The years as they passed her by unaffected by age like every other human being. You see Grace is not an ordinary human being she is a vampire. Yes a vampire but not the sparkly kind like Edward in Twilight. She is a real vampire the kind that burn in sunlight if it weren’t for her sun protection ring and wears a necklace as a backup. The kind that need blood in order to survive. She’s lived for centuries watching the years go by like the blink of an eye. Even though she has family she feels alone with no one to love her no one to hold her in his arms at night while she falls asleep listening to his heart beating next to her. She can’t control her sadness and pain and tears fall from her face. She takes her hand and dries away her freshly shed tears. She keeps telling herself that she’s done crying but with every passing day that she hasn’t found Dylan she finds that she sheds more tears.

She writes the date November 8,2013. “Dear Diary, Today is just like all the other days. I am so close yet so far. It seems as if the trail his trail has grown cold or disappeared. I used to be one step ahead of him and now it’s as if he has vanished completely. I have checked in every single town the newspaper as well as the news and online as far as any deaths just in case and have come up empty. It gives me a little glimmer of hope. I try to remain positive. I have to find him. I won’t give up. He is out there somewhere. I realize that he still probably doesn’t have any recollection of me or of us because if he did he would be doing the exact same thing as I am searching for me. I can only hope that tomorrow I will find something anything even if it is a small clue as to his whereabouts. Grace”...She closes her diary and puts it back into her bag. She yawns. It’s been a long day. She’s exhausted.

She grabs her Iphone and sets the alarm on it for a few hours. She sleeps a little at a time. Otherwise she will dream of him which wouldn’t be so bad if they were happy dreams but these aren’t. She dreams the same dream over and over again. The day that he was made to forget her to forget them. His memory was stripped of her and the moments they shared. She wakes up in a sweat, tears streaming down her face, out of breath her heart pounding out of her chest. She hopes tonight she will be able to get a few hours sleep at a time. She grabs her Kindle and settles in bed to read for a little while. There are nights where she has drifted off to sleep while reading. Reading relaxes her takes her mind off of everything. She longs for the day where she can lay in bed with her arms around him and his arms around her his fingers in her hair listening to his heart beating as she drifts off to sleep. Other than the one night that they shared she’s always slept alone dreaming of the day that they would be together again. “Damn you, Laura”, she thinks to herself.”When I find Dylan,If I can’t restore his memories, I will find some way to make you pay for what you’ve done to me, my family, and Dylan!” She loses herself in her book that she is reading and finds her eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Soon she falls asleep.

It’s only been a few hours of blissful sleep before the blaring of the alarm on her phone waking her out of her peaceful slumber. She opens her eyes and reaches over to her phone sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. She turns it off before stretching and yawning. She can’t go back to sleep just yet. Out of habit she checks her phone to see if there are any messages and frowns when she sees that there aren’t any. She turns on the light dimming it so that it isn’t over powering the darkness of the room. Grabbing the television remote she turns on the tv and finds a movie to watch. She tucks a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. Even though this is one of her favorite movies on tv she can’t help but wonder what Dylan’s doing at this exact moment. She knows it’s pointless to torture herself like this but she can’t help it. If only she could get into his mind. Since she is a vampire she has this ability. However one of her older brother’s beat her to it that fateful day so long ago. Ever since then try as she might it’s next to impossible. She can’t hold back her tears her sadness any longer and tears flow freely down her face making her blue eyes red and puffy. She wipes her tears away wishing that he was there to comfort her to hold her. She calms down and goes back to her movie. Once it’s finished once again she sets her alarm on her iphone and goes back to bed falling into a deep sleep.

For the past 100 years, Dylan has had something that he wants to remember. Something that he can taste and feel, but it remains just out of his reach. He has made it his mission over the decades to find out what it is, thinking that it has to be something of tremendous importance. These days, he’s Dylan Anderson, tech geek and owner of a small computer/electronics repair shop in Los Angeles. His friends,who he has a lot of think he’s a nice guy, but oh if they knew the truth! This particular cool November evening, He sits back in his comfortable apartment, sipping on a glass of blood, relaxing, and watching the Kings-Blackhawks game on the TV. And as he does sometimes when he feels the urge to explore his past, he goes to the bookshelf and pulls out the box of momentoes that has been his constant travelling companion over the years. In it is his enlistment papers from World War 2 (mind compulsion is handy when you’re feeling patriotic), his ticket and some pictures from Woodstock (He had a great time and loved the music, but found that smoking pot was not his cup of tea, and some of the women he had “fun” with were probably great-grandmothers now) , pictures of the friends he had made and loved the time he spent with them, but had to compel them to forget him after time had gone by, lest they notice that he wasn’t aging. In addition to those and other memories, the box also contained his most cherished posession: A drawing that his sister Kate had made of them and their parents a few weeks before everything changed. Someone, years ago, had told him that keeping souveniers of his experiences since he was turned would help him maintain his sanity and humanity. And once again, his mind wandered back to that night………...


Flashback 1912

That day when he was 17, he just wanted to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and get away from the constant arguing of his parents. His parents fought over anything. They constantly bickered and yelled at one another. He’s not sure how his sister could deal with being under the same roof while the arguing was going on. His sister Kate was only 15 , younger than he was by 2 years. He was always super protective of her, always watching out for her and over her. They definitely looked like siblings,both of them having dark brown hair, blue eyes, and both were tall for their age . But however, the way they dealt with their parents’ squabbles were very different. Kate would go to her room and ease her sorrows by drawing, something she was good at.Her dream was to be a successful artist one day. Dylan would take out his frustrations by staying outside and walking as much as possible. On that night when everything changed, He slipped out of the house unnoticed, wanting to get some fresh air, and put some distance between himself and the Hell that his home life had become. He started to walk towards the park. Even though it was nighttime and dark outside he wasn’t scared.

The night was clear , not a cloud in the sky. He looked up at the stars and the not quite full moon in the sky that seemed to illuminate the dark of night. He reached the park and was about to sit down on a bench when he heard noises behind him. Before he realized it there were two men twice the size of him both holding knives. “If you cooperate you won’t get hurt.” One of the men said. Both were wearing all black. “Hand over your wallet if you have one.” At first Dylan couldn’t move. But he realized they meant business eyeing the size of the knives they each held in their hands. He pulled out his wallet and handed it over. The guy who grabbed it glanced thru it. He didn’t have very much inside only a few coins and a couple dollars plus some pictures he kept of his family. But instead of letting him go they held him down and before he knew it he felt the cold steel of one of the knives pierce his flesh and cut into his stomach. He doubled over in pain and cried out. He prayed that someone somewhere could hear him. He prayed that they would just leave him but instead he felt more pain this time deeper and more intense. He tried not to look down at his wounds for fear that upon seeing his own blood he would faint. He could feel the knife each jab each time it entered into his flesh. As he drew in a breath he could feel it slice near his heart. He didn’t want to die. The pain was unbearable. As he grew weaker his cries for help slowly diminished. The guys who mugged and stabbed him finally loosened their grip on him and stopped cutting him up. Unaware why they were running away he slumped to the ground nearly unconscious. He could feel his life slipping away.

In an instant he could feel someone else there. He couldn’t open his eyes as much as he wanted to. Someone bent down to check on him. His heart was still beating. He was weak. He didn’t want to leave his sister alone with his parents always fighting. He promised her he would always be her big brother. No matter what happened she’d always have him. There were times he wished his parents would just get divorced. It would make things much simpler. Someone had put their wrist by his mouth. “Drink.” He could smell something. As weak as he was he did as he was told. He drank. It was metallic, iron tasting…blood. But why was he drinking blood for? He didn’t resist. It actually didn’t taste half bad. When he had drank enough she pulled away. He didn’t feel any different. In fact he still felt weak. He wanted to sleep. He wanted to just give up. He could feel her holding him in her arms cradling him as he slowly faded away. If this is what dying was like then he wasn’t scared. It was just like going to sleep but never waking up. He Felt a tugging at his neck, and before the darkness came, he heard the female voice sob “Please forgive me for what I’m doing, I can’t let you die.”

A few minutes seemed to pass like eternity. At first nothing happened. He didn’t stir. He didn’t open his eyes. He couldn’t. But then as if by magic he opened his eyes and gasped for breath. Coming to he looked into the most perfect set of blue eyes he’s ever seen in his short lifetime. Looking into her eyes not sure he can find his own voice. “Am I dead? Is this heaven?” He tries to sit up his own blue eyes making eye contact with hers. She smiles and shakes her head laughing. “Unfortunately this is earth the last time I checked.” She helps him sit up. His own blue eyes making contact with her own. He feels the same yet different. He goes to stand up and she helps him. He is greatful to her for helping him. “Thank you for helping me but I must be going now.” She can’t let him leave especially now. She needs to make sure he finishes the transition and he needs a ring to protect him from the sun. “I’m sorry but you need to come with me.” She places her hand on his feeling a connection between them both.

He looks at her. “Excuse me but I must be going home.” His throat is scratchy and burns. “I’m sorry but I can’t let you go home. You can’t be around humans just yet.” He looks confused at what she just said to him. He thinks about her words. He’s scared to ask but he realizes that he needs to. “Why not?” He remembers that he was given blood. Could it have been hers? Why would he be given blood to drink?
“You’re not human. You are like me. I couldn’t let you die. I had to save you.” Unfortunately, your injuries were serious, and I had to do something, something very drastic. I didn’t want to, but it was my only option.” He smiles or more like smirks at her. Before now he never thought anyone cared about him. Obviously he was wrong. “Is that why you fed me blood? Is that why my throat burns and is scratchy and dry?” He wonders why it’s taking her so long to answer his questions. He wants to know what is wrong with him. He’s not dead but he’s not human. He takes her hand in his feeling a connection between the two of them. “You’re going to be a vampire just like I am.” It takes a moment to register what she has just said. He doesn’t run away. He knows that he can’t. He stands there letting her words sink in.

He has a million questions for her. He understands now why she said what she did to him before. It saddens him that he can’t go home and help watch over his sister. “Come with me and I will answer whatever questions that you have which I’m sure are many.” He smiles at her. Even though he’s just met her he feels as if he’s known her all his life. He doesn’t know that it’s because she turned him that he feels the way he does towards her. He helps her up onto her feet. He takes her hand in his. “Lead the way.” As they walk together he tries to process what he is or more like what he’s become not of his own doing. He guesses it’s better to be immortal rather than dead. “I never told you my name. I’m Dylan.” He looks at her. Her blonde hair shining in the moonlight. “It’s nice to meet you Dylan. I’m Grace.” She smiles up at him looking into his eyes. They walk hand in hand together until they reach her place.

“Have a seat, and I’ll be right back”, Grace says to him. He sits back on the couch while she goes to the kitchen. :”You said I’m going to be a vampire, now that I am one, can you explain that?” “I sure can”, she says, coming back and sitting a glass of red liquid in front of him. “You’re not quite a vampire yet. In order to complete the transformation, you need to drink human blood, which this is. looking at a clock, she says “ You have 24 hours to feed, or you will die. The choice is yours and only yours.” Dylan takes a few moments to ponder his fate. He doesn’t want to die, but he also doesn’t know if he could handle being a vampire. “ All right, I’ll drink”, he says, with no hesitation. “ Stand up and drink it, because the feeling is a bit on the intense side, and I might need to grab onto you, Grace says, standing up and taking a position behind him. “OK” he says, taking the glass. “Bottoms up!” She watches as he places the glass up to his lips. The blood tastes different to him. It soothes his scratchy burning throat. He can feel his fangs appear , discomforting at first, but the sensasation eases and he feels them retract looking into a mirror, he sees the whites of his eyes turn red, and the veins under his eyes are raised and looking like a spider web. Just like she said, he starts to lose his balance. She notices and in an instant grabs a hold onto him making sure he doesn’t fall to the ground. She gently places him onto the couch. She can’t help but feel the intense connection between them. It’s even stronger now that he completed the transition. She finds that she can’t control herself and brings her face as close to his as humanly possible. Their lips nearly touching. She can feel the heat between them. The deep burning desire deep within. Her eyes making contact with his. She would love nothing more than to kiss him at this very moment. She could imagine what it would be like to be held in his arms. To feel safe and loved for once. Pulling herself together she knows that she needs to educate him on everything associated with being a vampire like herself.

“Tomorrow I will show you some of your powers associated with being a vampire. But first I will be right back.” She walks into another room leaving him alone for a few minutes. He just so happens to glance around at the room he is in. She has good taste he thinks to himself. He figures that this is his new home now he might as well make himself feel at home. Walking back into the room once again his attention focused on her. She walks back over to him. “I almost forgot. Here you go. This is a sun protection ring. Until we know for sure if the ring will work for you when you wake up please stay in your room which I will gladly show you.” She hands him the ring. He takes it and puts it on his finger. It’s similar to hers. “I have extra rings thanks to my family. However you are supposed to have a witch make you one after you become a vampire. I am hoping this one works. If not I will have to go ask a witch and you will have to stay inside. Now if you want to follow me I will show you to your room.” She waits for him to follow her and she leads him out of the room they were in and thru several rooms to a staircase that leads upstairs to the second floor. They ascend the staircase and walk down the hallway past several closed doors until they stop in front of a closed door.

He waits while she opens the door and he has her step inside before entering the room after her. “This will be your bedroom.” She walks over and makes sure the thick drapes that block out the sunlight are completely shut. He watches her as she opens some drawers and gets out some clothes for him to wear to bed. She places them on the bed. “You can wear these for now. Once we know your ring works I can go with you to your house to get some of your belongings if you would like but you must know that you can not be seen by anyone.” As painful as it is to hear he is greatful that she is offering him the chance to get some of his things. “I’d like that.” He smiles at her. She walks over and opens an adjacent door. “You have your own private bathroom as well. I will leave you to your room now. I will see you in the morning. Rest well. Goodnight.” She smiles at him as she walks towards the bedroom door. “Sleep well. I will see you in the morning.”

Grace closes his bedroom door and walks to her room. She goes inside shutting her door behind her. She gets ready for bed and turns out the light before crawling between her sheets. She’s not sure if she will be able to get any sleeping knowing that he is sleeping a couple rooms away from hers. Part of her longs to get up out of bed and walk back to his room and lay in his bed next to him. She smiles to herself at the thought of being held in his arms. She’s never felt this way about anyone before. Maybe what they say is true about turning someone. That there is a bond between the maker and the one that is turned. She closes her eyes and falls asleep dreaming about Dylan.

Having a very restless night, Dylan is almost asleep when he hears a knock at his bedroom door. “Time to get up”, he hears Grace’s voice tell him calmly. At first, he forgets what’s happened to him, and where he is, but he comes to his senses. He finds a fresh set of clothes on his dresser, puts them on, and makes his way down to the kitchen. “Good morning Dylan” Grace says, “Good morning to you too”, he says, yawning. “ Care for some breakfast?” Grace says, while going to a refrigerator and opening the door. “You mean vampires can eat real food?” Dylan asks while picking up a newspaper from the table, scanning it to see if there’s anything about his disappearance. He sees a little blurb on it, and frowns a bit. “Yes, we Vampires can eat real food, as long as we get enough blood also. I was thinking after breakfast I could show you some to the things you can do now”, she says while cracking eggs, and frying a pan of Bacon. “Sure, I haven’t had anything to eat since the morning I left home.” Soon, Breakfast is ready, and they eat and have a cup of coffee. “Grace, can I ask you a possibly personal question?” Dylan asks as he finishes the last of his meal. “Sure”, she says with a smile, he blue eyes sparkling a bit in the morning sun. “How or why did you become a vampire? Tell me a bit about yourself.”

“OK, that’s a fair question to ask,” Grace says, her eyes taking a faraway look. “ I was born in Boston in 1686. I was the middle child, I have 2 brothers, Richard and James. My Dad ran the local inn, and my Mom helped him out and did her household duties. My 2 brothers were your typical teenagers. Me, I was taught how to be a lady and prepared for marriage and motherhood, as was done in those times. Life was great, until that day the new school teacher came to town.”

“Laura Alexander, the new teacher, caught several men’s eyes, including my Dad’s. I thought he had good sense, as a married man, but boy was I wrong. He used asking about how we kids were doing in school as an excuse to get close to her. One night, my older brother James and I accidentialy saw them getting it on, and after she left, we tried to stage and intervention, telling him that we would go to Mom, and none of us would forgive him if he didn’t stay away from Laura. That slapped some sense into him, because he went the next night to break it off with her, and that was the beginning of my problems.”

“1702 was right after the Salem Witch Trials, so to get her revenge on my Dad, she used the lingering paranoia to her advantage. She went into “If I can’t have him, I’m going to make him suffer “ mode. Laura used her powers to make it look like my Mom was practicing witchcraft, and one afternoon while I was at school, the town officials came and arrested her and put her on trial for witchcraft. That was bad, but the worse was yet to come.”

“Laura had snuck into our house while we were out a couple of days before my Mom was arrested, and as I found out later, had spiked our food with blood that she had placed some spell on. Then later that night, while I was asleep, I was awoken by a shadowy figure coming into my room. I thought it was a dream, but the pain of having something that looked like a large sword plunging into my heart made me realize that it was quite real. And that, Dylan, was my last moment as a human.”

“I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up, my head was killing me and I had this incredible thirst. I saw blood all over me, and my brothers were in the same shape. The Shadowy figure came in, and I could tell from the voice it was her. “your Father rejected me, so now I’m going to make his life a living hell. I got a vampire friend of mine to donate some of his blood, and I put it in your food. Since you died with it in your system, you are now in the process of becoming vampires. She then took a knife and cut her palm. The smell of the blood was irresistible, and the 3 of us drank, and completed the transformation. The next thing I remember was maybe a week later I was staggering through the woods, with blood all over me and dead bodies all around. Laura was right, my Dad’s life had been made a living hell, but it was worse for my mom. She was arrested, tried, and burned at the stake as a witch, with us being the evidence. The town crazies were going to kill us by throwing us out into the town square at dawn, but that night, My Dad broke in to the cell where we were being held, and broke us out. He didn’t care what we had become, we were still his kids. He told us to flee , and we went our separate ways. Every few years, James, Richard and I would meet up and try to think of how we could kill Laura and avenge our family. She’s a powerful witch, and we have no idea how to kill her. So therein lies our problem,” She sighs.

“Wow “ he says, I’m sorry about all the stuff this lady has put you and your family through,” Dylan tells Grace, putting an arm on her shoulder. “If you need help in this battle, count me in! My own family was beginning to crumble before I left, so I sort of know where you’re coming from.”

“Thank you Dylan,” She smiles back at him. “ You are a very brave person for wanting to help stand up to Laura. This will be dangerous, and honestly, I don’t know what the outcome will be. My Brothers and I have been tracking Laura for 300 plus years, getting close enough to her, but she keeps slipping away before we can strike. If she’s powerful enough to be immortal, then we may be in trouble. Usually, I’m not one to accept offers of help, but I’ll make an exception for you, because we are going to need all the help we can get. Richard, James, and I are going to be getting together for our annual meeting in 2 weeks, and you can come and give us any ideas you can come up with” “ All right, I’ll be there,” Dylan grins. While Grace has her back turned towards him as she puts dishes away, Dylan gazes long and hard at her. He had never seen such an attractive woman before! He had been attracted to girls when he was younger, but Grace was something else, exuding both power and beauty. Grace. meanwhile, can sense his staring, and smiles to herself. Maybe when Laura is finally defeated and things get back to as normal as they can be for vampires, but that would probably be a long time down the road….

“Alright Dylan, time for a test”, Grace says, sitting at the kitchen table and opening a wooden box. she pulls out a silver ring with a bright blue stone set into it. “This ring has been enchanted by one of my witch friends as a backup for me, but I’m not really sure if it will work for you, but a little experimentation never hurt anyone” she says, handing him the ring. He slips it onto each of his fingers until he finds where it fits the best: his right middle finger. “Let’s do this” he says, going to a window and pulling the curtains back. Dylan watches smoke begin to rise from his hand, and feels a burning pain, shoot through his arm, and pulls his hand back and closes the curtains. “ You’ll be fine, you’re healing already” Grace smiles, pulling a small needle from a drawer. “The spell that enchants the rings requires the blood of the vampire that its being made for, so ill get a bit of yours, and take it to Lyla, a witch friend of mine that lives downtown. while I’m gone, feel free to look throughout the house, and if you like to read, the library is that way,” she points to a door down the hall. Getting her coat off a chair, Grace smiles and leaves the house, leaving Dylan by himself and very bored. He enters the library, and looks at the large bookshelves along the walls. “Impressive, just the sort of collection you’d think someone that’s lived for centuries would own”, he whispers. Grace has impressively varied reading tastes: classic literature such as Shakespeare, religion, ancient history, witchcraft and the occult, and various foreign languages and mathematics. “Looks like she posed as a teacher to make money over the years”, Dylan ponders to himself. Looking at another wall, several photos, miniature paintings, and drawings catch his eye. The all were of Grace and 2 men that were probably her brothers Dylan thought, dressed in clothing styles of different time periods. “Nothing stronger than the bond between siblings,” Dylan smiles. Someday, he vows, he will return to Kate, if at all possible. He knows in his heart that she would not be afraid of what he had become, and would welcome him with open arms. Hearing the front door open, Dylan turns and sees that Grace has returned.

Grace returns back home. She enters her house and removes her coat placing it neatly onto the chair. She calls out to Dylan but can sense that he is still in the library so she quickly walks to the library with his newly made ring. She hadn’t been gone for very long and hoped he wasn’t too bored while she was gone. She hoped that he had made himself at home since this is his home now. She has nothing to hide from him. She pushed open the library door and entered finding Dylan looking at the paintings on the one wall of her and her siblings. “I hope that I wasn’t gone too long and you weren’t too bored in here.” This is where she came when she wanted to read or just to look at the drawings and paintings of her and her brothers. “I see you have noticed the paintings and drawings of myself and my brothers. They were done by a family friend.”

She takes out the ring. “I believe this belongs to you.” She waits as Dylan walks over to him and takes the ring from her hand placing it on his right middle finger. He glances at it for a moment, looking at the Blue stone set into it. “Let’s see if this works. Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.” Walking over to the window Grace turns and takes Dylan’s hand in hers. She pulls back the drape ever so slightly allowing some sunlight to peer into the room and onto his hand. She stares at his hand in the sunlight. Nothing happens. There’s no smoke, no burning, nothing. “It works.” She watches as he places his entire hand in the sunlight for the first time in days. She opens the drapes allowing more sunlight to come streaming into the room. “Feels good doesn’t it?” She smiles softly at him. “Well now that we have taken care of you going out in sunlight without burning we can begin to work on your vampire powers. Hopefully soon you will be able to walk among mortals without them knowing what you are.”

“OK teacher, you have my attention,” Dylan laughs. “ Tell me what powers vampires have.” Grace lets out a little giggle. “Vampires have many powers. We can compel other vampires or humans. We have vampire speed, vampire strength, we can hear things normal humans can’t. We also have the power to heal and emotional control. As a vampire everything is magnified or heightened, emotions and feelings. Our senses are enhanced. There is one thing you must never do as a vampire and that is turn off your humanity so as not to feel. If you do that, you will become the heartless monster that most people think that vampires are You might go through things that might overwhelm you and make you feel that turning it off is the only way to make the pain go away, but believe me, if you do, you’ll regret it. With no emotions to keep the savage beast that a vampire truly is in check, you will do nothing except leave a trail of bodies behind. When I was first turned, It took me months to get my bloodlust under control, and I lost count of how many innocent people I drained. It was only by sticking together as a family did my brothers and I learned how to control ourselves, and we decided to use our powers to help other people. So over the past 300 years, I’ve been travelling all over the world, settling into towns, taking up residence as a teacher. That’s why I have all these books around the house, from the time I was a little girl, I had a passion for learning, and a desire to help people. One time in the 1800’s, I moonlighted as a nurse, and when no one was looking, I would compel patients and give them my blood to heal them, everyone thought it was a miracle, but I was the only one who knew the truth. And when my fellow townspeople needed help, things would mysteriously happen,” Grace winked. “You don’t know how many husbands or significant others of female friends of mine who were being abused received a late night visit from a shadowy figure and had the fear of God put in them,” she laughed.”And there were a few deathly sick people who made miraculous recoveries”, she smiled. “ I like how you have made some good from a bad situation, Grace”, Dylan beamed. “I want to do that! My father once told me that the best thing a person can do is to help other people, and with my powers, this is the perfect opportunity to do that. “

“Well then, let’s get on with your training”, Grace says, looking at the clock. “It’s fairly early in the afternoon, so we have plenty of time to do things right. Let's start by going out into the backyard. We can work on your vampire strength and vamp speed." She leads Dylan through the house and out into the massive backyard. Dylan feels sunlight for the first time since becoming immortal. His skin isn't burning and the sun actually feels good. "Ok so what do I need to know about vampire speed?" Dylan looks at Grace waiting for her to show him. His eyes on her even before she begins to explain and demonstrate. "Vamp speed is easy and can be used in circumstances to save someone from certain death. It also comes in handy when making sure people who do horrible things pay. Watch me." Grace speeds off and in mere seconds is across the other side of the backyard. She pauses before vamp speeding back nearly catching Dylan off guard with her quickness taking him by surprise as she stops behind him. "One thing we must refrain from using vamp speed around humans. We need to fit in as much as we possibly can. Now why don't you try it?"

Dylan smiles at her before vamp speeding off in the opposite direction. He is surprised at how simple it is to vamp speed. Before he vamp speeds back he decides that since she snuck up behind him on her return that he'd do one better. With a smirk on his face he vamp speeds back but before she can even blink he vamp speeds behind her tackling her to the ground along with him. Together they fall to the ground entangled in one another's arms both of them busting out laughing at first. However laughter turns serious as Grace finds Dylan's eyes looking right at her with a smile on his face. She finds herself looking into his blue eyes and a smile on hers as well. Even though she's immortal, she can feel and hear her own heartbeat pounding in her ears. No one has ever had this effect on her before. She knows that she shouldn't be falling for someone she saved by turning but she can't help herself. Their faces just inches apart. She wonders what it would be like if they kissed. How she longs to have her lips against his and kiss him. What would it feel like? What would it be like? It's obvious he is attracted to her. Their lips nearly touching. He knows that she's waiting to see if he will kiss her. He longs to. Everything is so new to him. Would it be wise to kiss her and fall for her? He pulls back and helps her up off the ground. He decides that he will protect her once he learns how to use his vampire powers. He vows to himself that he won't let anything happen to her.

It takes Grace a few moments to compose herself after the near kiss. Try as she might she can feel herself blushing. She can feel his eyes upon her own. She needs to concentrate. However she is finding him quite a distraction at the moment. She takes a couple of breathes before continuing on. "Ok the next thing you need to learn is how to use your vampire strength. You can move just about anything. We vampires are stronger than humans. From a simple rock." She bends down and picks up a rock holding it in her hand. "Watch this." She closes her hand squeezing the rock with ease before opening her hand to reveal tiny pieces of rock. She throws the pieces onto the ground and walks over to a tree. She can feel his eyes watching her. "I like to call this exercise "tree ripping" as you will see in a moment." She begins to rip out the tree from the ground using her vampire strength before picking it up with ease and throwing it across the yard. She turns and looks up to see his surprised expression on his face. "Now it's your turn Dylan."

Dylan smiles as he walks over to a tree. "Here goes nothing." He manages to use his vampire strength and easily tears the tree out of the ground picking it up and casually as if it weighed next to nothing hurl it into the air and across the backyard to the other side where it lands next to Grace's tree. "That wasn't too bad." He walks back over to Grace smiling as if he had just managed some heroic feat. "You are a quick learner Dylan." Grace was relieved that so far he has been able to learn a couple of his new vampire powers. "Thank you. You are an excellent teacher. I guess now I have the hang of vamp speed and vampire strength. So now what?" Once again she finds herself making eye contact with his blue eyes. For a moment she forgets what they had been doing. It's as if time stood still and it's just the two of them. She needs to stick to the lessons as much as she'd like nothing more than to go back inside the house and just spend time with him. However it is her responsibility to teach him since she was the one who turned him.

"Ok I'm sure by now you are feeling thirsty. Now comes the most important part of being a vampire." Grace leads him back inside and out the front door. She can see that he's fighting what all newly created vampires go through. As soon as she said the word "thirsty" Dylan's throat began to ache and feel as if it were on fire. He was craving blood. He had forgotten about his blood lust with all the activity. However he was thirsty. They walked side by side and she made sure that Dylan wasn't seen since he had strangely disappeared. Making sure no humans could listen in on their conversation they kept to a near whisper. "Sometimes it isn't practical to drink blood bags. Whether your supply runs out and you just can't go to the nearest hospital to get more, or if there isn't any practical way to acquire any, it is important to learn how to feed off of humans. During this process you will also learn how to compel them as well." She stops talking glancing at Dylan as he is listening to her every word. A thousand thoughts run through his mind. He would never harm another human being. She continues to explain to him. "Once you finish feeding it is of great importance that you heal them by giving them some of your blood but you must always compel them to stay at home for 24 hours. We do not want them dying with any vampire blood in their system. Otherwise they will be turned."

As Grace is explaining everything to him she glances around choosing her victim. Her eyes rest on a girl all by herself. She quickly approaches the girl accidentally bumping into her before compelling her. "Oh I'm so sorry. Don't scream. Don't make a sound. Come with me." The girl nods her head and says "I won't scream. I won't make a sound. Ok." Grace leads her into a side alley away from anyone who may happen to walk past. Dylan follows knowing that she's going to feed. Grace's face changes. Veins appear under her eyes as her eyes turn from blue to red. Her fangs appear. She pulls back the girl's hair from her neck. The girl's heart beating pounding in both of their ears. Graces bends the girl's neck and then in one swift move bites into it. Her fangs piercing the girl's skin. She begins to drink. After a few minutes she stops drinking and bites her own wrist putting it up to the girl's mouth. "Drink." The girl tries to resist at first but soon drinks from Grace's wrist. Her fang marks on her neck immediately disappear. "Now you go home and make sure you stay inside for 24 hours. You will forget all of this." The girl nods her head and says "I will forget about this. Yes." Almost as if she's in a trance. She turns and walks away. Once she is safely away they wait before walking out of the alleyway. "Now it's your turn."

Dylan feels confident he can feed successfully. It doesn't look too difficult. He smirks at her before looking around. He notices a lone girl. She's unaware of him watching her. This makes his approach that much easier. He casually apologizes for frightening her. His blue eyes looking into hers. He then proceeds to compel her. "Please don't scream or say anything. Come with me." She nods her head. "I won't scream or say anything. Ok" She follows him as he leads her back into the alleyway. He stops making sure that no one other than Grace knows they are there. He ever so gently and carefully moves her hair out of the way of her neck. He can hear her heart beating. It's pounding in his ears and making him lick his lips in anticipation of drinking her blood. His blue eyes turn red in color as veins appear underneath his eyes. His fangs come out as he leans his head onto her neck. Grace stands by watching him. He sinks his fangs into the flesh of her neck finding a vein. He begins to drink. Her blood soothing his dry aching throat. He drinks until he hears her heart beat slow. He knows that he needs to stop. He pulls back, bites his own wrist and places it in front of her mouth. "Drink." He orders her to drink as she begins to suck the blood from his wrist. The fang marks that are on her neck immediately disappear. He pulls his wrist away as it heals. "Go home and stay there for 24 hours. You won't remember anything." She nods her head. "I won't remember anything. I will stay home for 24 hours." She turns and walks away.

"You did great." Grace smiles at Dylan. She's confident now that he can feed properly. Not too many newly turned vampires can have that control when it comes to blood lust or even handling feeding off a human. It was now early evening. He longs to go home to get some of his things as well as check on his sister Kate. He decides to ask her if it's possible for him. "Do you think I can go home to gather a few of my things and to see if Kate my sister is ok?" He glances at her while he awaits for an answer. She can tell how much his sister means to him. "I'm afraid that there is only one way you can go home to get some of your belongings and check on your sister Dylan." He frowns upon hearing this. On one hand he is relieved that he can go home but he's worries about what she is about to say to him. "What's the one condition?" He comes out and asks. He would do anything to be able to see his sister Kate again. As siblings he would always watch out for her and protect her. He made sure no one made her cry or upset her. From the day she was born he was her big brother and he took that role seriously. "You are going to have to compel Kate to forget that you were ever there. She can't know what you are now. Also she will have to invite us inside. As vampires, we can't go into a house owned by a human unless we’re invited in."

He breathed a little sigh of relief hearing all that would take was to compel her. He felt sadness at the thought of having to make her forget seeing him after he had been missing. However to keep her safe. He did not want her finding out what he truly is...a monster. He could easily get her to invite them inside. His dad would be still at work and his mom would be at her usual church meeting. "My sister should be home alone. So I won't have to compel my parents." They begin to walk towards his family's home. While they make their way to his family's home Dylan talks about his family life. He mainly shares how close he is with his sister. He wonders how she has coped with his disappearance. How his parents have handled losing their only son. Grace knows what it means to him to be able to see his sister but she also knows the heartache he will have to endure having to erase her memory of seeing him. She is lucky that her brothers had been turned at the same time that she was. If it weren't for them and the unity of togetherness that they share she would have fallen apart.

After awhile they stop walking when they reach his house. "Well here we are. It isn't exactly like yours but it once was my home." He is embarrassed. After seeing Grace's house his is nothing in comparison to hers. It's a typical house at that time. Nothing elaborate but it was home. "Guess it's now or never." They walk up the driveway towards the front walk. There's lights on since his sister is the only one home. They walk past a green lawn,trees and flowers. Dylan always enjoyed taking care of the yard with his dad. It was one of the rare times he would spend just the two of them. They stop when they reach the front door. Dylan knocks on the door. It isn't long before they both hear footsteps and Kate opens the door.

She is shocked to see her brother standing there. It looked as if she had been crying. She definitely looked like his younger sister. She had the same dark hair and blue eyes. "Dylan!!" She threw her arms around her big brother squeezing him tightly. He hugged her like he always did. "I take it mom is at a church meeting and dad is still at work." She pulls back and nods her head. "Can we come inside?" He didn't want any of the neighbors to see him standing on the front porch days after he had been missing. "Yes please come inside." It was at this point as they stepped inside that Kate asked who Grace is. "Who is your friend, brother?" She was trying not to stare at Grace. It wasn't polite to stare. "Kate this is Grace my friend. Grace this is my sister Kate." Grace smiled at Kate. "It's nice to meet you." They hugged one another. Dylan knew that he needed to go upstairs to his bedroom and get his things and leave. This wasn't a social visit or a reunion. Dylan knew that Kate would follow him to his bedroom. He planned to gather some of his belongings before compelling her.

They went upstairs to his bedroom. "I will only be a minute." He grabbed a bag and started to put things into it that he needed. Some of his favorite books, some clothes, and a watch that had belonged to his Grandfather. "What are you doing Dylan?" Kate looked confused. "Aren't you going to stay here now that you're back?" Dylan knew that she would be heart broken at the news and he was having trouble bringing himself to erase her memory but it was the only way. "I...can't Kate. I'm sorry." He could see tears start to form in her eyes. This gave Grace time to look around his bedroom. His bed had been made. His room looked tidy. She could see he liked books. "Nice room you have." If only they were human. She could picture herself sitting on his bed as they laughed or talked or even did homework. However that wasn't possible since they aren't human. He had baseball and football equipment in his bedroom. He was into sports and she would have loved to have gone to one of his games.

When he was finished gathering some of his things he turned to his sister who looked as if she was going to cry. Grace watched as she looked into his eyes. With a lump in his throat and his heart heavy he begins to compel her. "I want you to go into your bedroom and finish your homework. You are to forget that I was ever here. You are not to tell mom or dad either. When you wake up, tell them you were doing your homework, got a bad headache, and went to bed. Understand?" She nods her head. "Ok big brother. I will go finish my homework. I won't tell mom or dad you were here. I won't remember you being here at all." With that she turns and walks out of his bedroom and into hers closing the door. Dylan picks up the bag. "Guess we should be going back to your house." They begin to walk into the hallway and down the stairs and out the front door. "You mean our house Dylan." Grace puts a hand on his arm hoping that will comfort him somehow. "You know that now that you've been invited into your family's house you can go inside whenever you like but remember to always use compulsion on your sister and if you run into your parents." Her words didn't make him feel much better. The only thing that did was knowing he could check up on his sister.

Dylan escorted Kate up to her room, tucked her into bed, and kissed her forehead. “Good bye, little sister. I’ll always be watching you, even though you won’t know it. Now sleep, and have good dreams.” he says, rubbing her hair and patting her shoulder like he did when she was younger, and she got scared at night. “This is for the best,” he mumbled to himself, holding back tears.

Taking his bag, Dylan comes downstairs and goes to Grace. “There’s something we have to do before we leave. I compelled her to sleep and tell Mom and Dad that she didn’t feel good and slept all evening, but I’m afraid they might punish her when they find some of my stuff gone, so I’m going to make it look like I snuck in, got everything, and left. Follow me.” “OK,” Grace says,” that might be a good idea.” They go outside, and go to the basement door, located under Dylan’s bedroom window. Dylan tugs at the door knob, twists it, and it opens. He reaches in, and pulls out a ladder. “I always did this when I left at night,” he laughs as he extends the ladder and puts it up against the window. Before he climbs up, He makes sure that there is mud on the bottom of his shoes. He then climbs up the ladder, climbs through the window, walks around a bit, then climbs back down. “This should make it look like I came and left while Kate was asleep,” He says, satisfied at himself.

“So, you told me about all our powers, now tell me about our weaknesses, Dylan asks Grace as they make their way home. “Well, we have a few. Of course, there’s the sun,” she says while touching the stone on his ring. “ And wood. The stories about vampires being killed by a stake to the heart are true. even if you get stabbed in the arm by it, it hurts like Hell. Also, there’s a plant called Vervain that can burn us pretty bad too, and people who injest it can’t be compelled. And magic. Since we’re possibly going to be waging war against a powerful witch like Laura, you should be prepared for anything and everything.” “Understood”, he smiles as they reach their house and go inside.

Present Day-November 2013


Dylan had kept his promise, and watched over Kate all of her life. Watching from afar, he was proud of what she had made of herself. She became a successful artist, married and had 2 great sons that Dylan also watched over. When she died in 1970 at the age of 73, he managed to compel the doctors and nurses to leave her hospital room so that he could see her for one last time. Over the months of her final illness, he did the same thing, going in and giving her his blood in an attempt to save her life, but sadly, he found out that even though vampire blood could heal injuries, Heart disease was much more powerful then blood. It saddened him that he couldn’t even go to her funeral, since she had several pictures of him around her house, and if any one saw him….

Today, November 14, 2013, was her birthday. As he did every year since her death, Dylan rented a car and drove from Los Angeles down to their home town of New York City and visited her grave, and those of their parents. He usually went at night, so that no one could hear him talk to them. This night was no different. “Hey Mom and Dad, hey Sis”, he smiled as he sat on the ground by the graves. “I miss you all. This is the worse part of being immortal, having to watch your family live their lives completely, while you have to walk the Earth for eternity. But I think you’d be proud of most of the things I’ve done over the past 100 years, though I’ll admit that I’ve done my share of bad things too. Sometimes, I feel like taking my ring off, going out into the sun, and letting the flames burn me to ashes, but I feel that there is so much more left for me to do. More people to help, more adventures to have. I know that the 3 of you are watching over me, and that keeps me going,” he cries.

After leaving the cemetary, Dylan drives to a small diner that he loves to eat at when he makes his visits, parks his car, and goes inside and order a burger, fries, and a coke. getting a paper from the newstand, he looks at the date, tries figuring out how many days he’s walked the earth, scans the headlines, and listens to the music playing over the diner’s radio as he tries to work on a crossword puzzle. Finishing his meal, he pulls his wallet out to get money to pay for dinner, and sees the picture he’s carried for years. It’s a beautiful girl, with blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes he’s ever seen. He knows she’s seen her before, but he has no idea where. Was she one of his flings he’s had over the years, or something more? Did she have something to do with him becoming a vampire? Was she someone who he had killed in a fit of bloodlust, and he had kept her picture as a reminder of what could happen should he lost control again? “So many questions” he thought to himself as he payed for his meal, “ At least I have lots of time to seek answers.”

Happy New Year!



What are your  goals for this year?  Here are some of mine, in no particular order:


1:Not stress about my weight. If I lose it I lose it…..

2:  Make more friends

3: Make sure the stories my friend Rose and I are working on are the best they can be.


4: Don’t take everything everyone says about me too seriously

5: Not think about my school experiences too much.

6: Get closer to God