Thursday, February 19, 2009

Podcast For Wednesday’s Show 2-18

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:

Abstinence Only Is BS

Spring Training Is Here

Well the middle of February is here, and that means it’s time for Spring training to begin.  My Baltimore Orioles are coming of a 92 loss season in 2008, and have had 11 losing season in a row.  They’ve mad a few trades in the offseason, getting pitcher Rich Hill, utility man Ryan Freel, and signing IF/DH Ty Wigginton, but the biggest moves have been re-signing OF Nick Markakis and 2B Brian Roberts.  The one loss I won’t miss is the departure of the erratic Daniel Cabrera, who is now the Washington Nationals’ headache.  Hopefully the O’s won’t repeat the last 2 seasons getting off to a good start, then melting down.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Podcast For Monday’s Show 2-16-08

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Today’s Big Topic was:

The Institute Of Marriage: Is it obsolete?

Late President’s Day Stuff

Here’s my list of some of the best and worst Presidents:



1: GW Bush: No explaination needed

2: James Buchanan: Call him Nero: He fiddled while the Union Collapsed before the Civil War.

3: Franklin Pierce:  His inaction also helped start the Civil War

4: Warren G. Harding:  All the scandals he and his people were involved in literally killed him.

5. US Grant:  Tool of Wall Street, Tried to run his administration like the army, better

      General the President.



1: Abraham Lincoln:  Gave his live to save the Union.

2: George Washington:  Layed the foundation for all others to follow

3: FD Roosevelt:  Dealt with probably more then any President.

4:  T. Roosevelt: Would turn in his grave if he knew what his Republican Party has become.

5:  Thomas Jefferson: A genius.


Big Shoes To Fill:

1: John Adams:  Tried to be Washington, was the victim of the first political party wars.

2: Andrew Johnson:  Almost too stubborn for his own good.  Got the last laugh with the

    radical Republicans.


What could have been:

JFK:  Could he have stopped Viet Nam before it got bad?

Zachary Taylor:  Could he have worked the factions on both sides and prevented the Civil war?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Institute Of Marriage: Is It Obsolete?

This being the 21st Century, is the institute of Marriage obsolete?  I know that back in the Middle Ages, when the Church ruled the land and made the laws,  it seemed to be a good idea for people to have a relationship solemnized by said Church.  But with more unmarried couple living together these days, both straight and gay, Maybe we should rethink our ideas of what relationships should be, and if Marriage is needed any more.  I see no problem if a couple wants to have their relationship blessed by a
church, but if I was in love with someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and have kids with, why should I need a piece of paper to legitimize my relationship? And if and my significant other wanted to go that route, we should have the right to do so without critcism.

Friday, February 06, 2009


Yesterday, My desktop computer died. You push the power button, nothing. I'm typing this on my laptop. I had everything backed up except recent downloads, so no problem except.......

Since I have a lot of stuff, I backed it up on DVD's but since this laptop has only a CD drive, it won't read CD's. So this evening, I had to go over to my Sister's and use her comp to email all the small stuff to me. All the big stuff, my music, videos, and pics, I wasn't able to because they were too big to email. Tomorrow, I'm going to take the comp to the shop, and hopfully, it can be fixed.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I'm sure not feeling sorry for those CEO's who are crying that they can't live on "only"the $500,000 a year they are limited to making if they take bailout money from the Government. I don't think I've even seen that much money my whole life combined. The nerve of them, running their companies down the drain then using the bailout money to have parties, buy planes, and give themselves obscene bonuses.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Podcast For Monday’s Show 2-2-09

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So Close But So Far Away..

You really have to feel sorry for the Arizona Cardinals. They were 2 minutes from winning the Super Bowl, But the Steelers had a few incredible plays on their game winning drive. But the Cards and their fans should hold their heads high. After years of being the laughing stock of the NFL, they had a nice trip through the post season, which should serve them well. They made vast Improvements this year, going from a losing record to being Division winners. Sometimes, a heartbreaking loss can make a team stronger, and give them the fire to finish the job next season.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Talk About Being Fruitful and Multiplying!

After reading about that lady who gave birth to 8 babies last week, I can only say:


LADY, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!   You are a single mother, and already had 6 other kids. 1 more would be OK, but taking fertility drugs almost guarantees multiple births!  Your mother has been quoted as saying that you were obsessed with having kids.  As a single mother, how the hell do you expect to support 14 kids?  With the economy the way it is, you should have been doing some thinking.