Monday, February 27, 2006

Spring Training

Spring Training is underway, a sure sign that Spring is almost here! I'm looking forward to seeing how my Baltimore Orioles do this year. They've added a few people this winter. Pitchers Kris Benson and Latroy Hawkins, Catcher Ramon Hernandez, 1st Baseman Kevin Millar, and Outfielder Cory Patterson were acquired in the offseason. The 2 questions left unasnwered are can 2nd Basemen Brian Roberts repeat his spectacular 2005 season, while recovering from a horrible elbow injury, and can Shortstop Miguel Tejada can regain the respect of the organization after his trade demands over the Winter.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Totally Disgusting!

I was watching a clip on CNN today about how Fred Phelps, the "Preacher" from Kansas, who is out to exterminate all gays, and his bunch are protesting at the funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq. These So Called Christians say that soldiers are being killed because the US allows gay people to live their lifestyle. I tell you, I was about ready to puch out the TV! Those idiots give all of us Christians a bad name. That takes some nerve interrupting a Funeral. Let the soldiers families and friends mourn in peace, for God's sake!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidents' Day

As a student of History, and expecially dealing with the Presidents, here are some random opininions of some of the Presidents, in no particular order.

Washington: He got the US off to a good start, had to make things up as he went.
J. Adams: How do you live up to your predecsssor, a Living Legend?
J.Q. Adams: Son of a Pres., won a election under dubious circumstances. Sound Familiar?
G.W. Bush: There is not enough words in the Human Language or enough space online for me
to voice the contempt I have for this idiot.
Clinton: Despite his faults, the man got things done!
G.H.W. Bush: I guess dumbness does run in the family!
Grant: One of our greatest generals, one of our worst Presidents.
Carter: Too much of a nice guy, should have been tougher.
Reagan: I think he was senile long before he left office!
Wilson: Who says Democrats can't win a war?
F.D. Roosevelt: He saved the U.S. more than a few times
Hoover: Like the Vacuum, he sucked!
Eisenhower: The anti-Grant.
Buchanan: Call him Nero, he did nothing while the Union fell apart.
Lincoln: Saved the country, but at a price.
Harding: Even Republicans fool around on their wives!
Taft: He's OK in my book, we fat guys have to stick together!
Pierce, Fillmore: Space fillers.
A. Johnson: The Clinton of his time: Southern Dem. marked for destruction by a hostile congress.
Hayes: What Dubya's presidency would be like if the Dems were in control of congress.
Kennedy: Too much of a playboy.
L.B. Johnson: Could have been a good one if not for Vietnam
Nixon: You were a crook, you idiot!
Jefferson: A genius
Madison: The little guy kept us from becoming British Colonies Again
T. Roosevelt: Even though he was a Rep., I'd vote for him. Today's Reps wouldnt like him since
he wanted to save the environment.
Coolidge: Gets points for being shy and quiet like me.
Jackson: Too much of a hothead
And that's just a few of em!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Note to self:

Next time you're invited into a voice conference with some of your Christian friends, Please turn off your Winamp if You're Listening to Damian on YCOR Radio!

Last night, I was listening to Damian Stryker, one of my fellow CORers, on our radio station. This dude is very insightful, and well researched on his topics. Unfortuanatly, his language could use a tune up, as every other word he says is the "F" word. Anyway, I was invited into a voice conference with a few of my christian friends while Damian was deep into his topic, I forgot to turn Winamp off, and needless to say, some of my friends were impressed, a lot of em left the conference.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Not So Superbowl

Last night's Superbowl was the most boring one I've ever seen! The action came in spurts, the Officials blew way to many calls, and even the commercials were no good! Actually I think
Seattle would have had a good chance to win if not for a few plays that were blatantly blown by the officials! This was not one to write home about.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Well, after the fiasco that was my Presidency of the COR, I am back in a leadership position. 2 weeks ago, I was elected to the Board Of Commissioners. That is the group that makes the rules and policy of the group. I now know that I really wasn't ready for the presidency, but having 3 months sitting back as a "private" citizen, I've learned a lot. It takes a lot to run any group or business! Maybe next year...