Saturday, September 25, 2010

The GOP Civil War

Seems like the Republican Party has been hijacked by the extremist of  the Tea Party.  When you have someone like Utah Senator Bob Bennett, who is probably one of the most conservative members of congress primaried out of his job, you know that the crazies have taken control.  The extremists demand that all party members vote in lock step with their demands, and any bit of compromise is seen as a sign of being a sellout.  It remains to be seen if the Tea Party is a "Flavor of the month" Fad, if the sane members can regain control, or if the moderates are totally forced out.

Podcast For Thursday’s Show 9-23-10

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:

Abuse Of Authority

If You Can’t Trust A Preacher…

Teacher, coach, or anyone else entrusted with your kids, who can you trust?  Those who use their positions of authority to get close to kids in order to commit abuse are the lowest of the low, and need to be prosecuted as severly as possible!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Podcast for Tuesday’s Show 9-21-10

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:

Interview With A Non Believer

With All The Religious Intolerance Going on…

I'm afraid that we are headed towards a religious war here in the US.  The moderates in each faiths are being shouted out by the extremists, and lots of the extremists are calling for violence. Something needs to be done before people get hurt.

Friday, September 10, 2010

They Don’t Speak For Me!

After reading and hearing about the New York Mosque flap, and the idiot “Pastor” Who wanted to burn the Koran, I just want you all to know that even though I’m a Christian, I am no extremist. The First Amendment’s freedom of religion clause applies to everyone, even minorities.

Podcast For Friday’s Show 9-3-10

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