Monday, October 15, 2007

My Stalker

Well gang, I managed to extract myself from a sticky situation this weekend! I have an online friend from Africa who is a pretty ok guy. The problem was that his sister has this major thing for me. She PMd me and told me that she fell in love with me when she saw my picture. So I was really freaking out! I really had to think fast, to get her off my case. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered at her attention, but the first time she ever talked to me, that is SCARY. As much as I need a woman, I'm not gonna hook up with someone that is that obsessed with me. Soooo.....I told her that I was gay, and that freaked her out majorly, she went away, crisis adverted!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Adventures In Babysitting

For the past couple of weeks, My Mom and I have been babysitting Luke and Levi, the 2 year old twin sons of my Preacher. I tell ya what, they are a handful!!! Don't get me wrong, they're good kids, but they like to get into everything, and run in and out of the house.You should hear em play with the phone. They go "hello" and Mom says hello back, then they start laughing like crazy people:p Dan and Holly do a good job raising them, they're the best kids I've ever had to watch!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Washington Capitals Preview

This evening, my Washington Capitals will kick of their 2007-2008 NHL season with a game against the Atlanta Thrashers in Georgia. Although they probably won't make the playoffs this year, the Caps should be much improved from the last few seasons. 46 goal scorer and former Rookie Of The Year Alex Ovechkin and 38 goal Scorer Alexander Semin return with another year under their belts, joined by promising rookie Nicklas Backstrom, and 30 goal scorer and Team Captain Chris Clark also returns. Washington has also signed as free agents roll players Tom Poti and Michael Nylander, who are expected to produce good results. And for the 15th year, Olaf Kolzig will be in goal for the Caps, backed up by Brent Johnson, one of the best backup goalies in the league, even though his record doesn't show it. It will be hard to make the playoffs in the talented Southeast Division with former Stanley Cup Champions Carolina, Tampa Bay, and improved Atlanta and Florida, but if the Caps can improve on their records against these teams, and also improve their league worse 1-11 shootout record, any thing is possible!