Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Funniest Real Live Christmas Story

Back in ‘85, my Mom won a trip to the Bahamas from her work.  It was scheduled for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.  So, Mom and Dad got on the plane and headed to Miami to get to the cruise ship.  During the flight, Dad found out he wasn’t much of a flyer, and freaked out.  Well, they got to the ship and had a great time on the cruise, but when it was time to head back home, Dad wanted nothing to do with flying. So they decided to rent a car.However, since it was New year’s there were no cars in Miami to rent, all they could find was a U-haul truck.  So they drove that all the way back to Virginia.  Meanwhile, my Christmas that year was mostly a bust, because I had to stay at my Sister’s in West Va where we live now.  It was totally boring, because a few days before Thanksgiving, Moorefield had flooded, wiping out most of the town, and there wasn’t much to do.  Whenever I need a laugh, I think back to the whole thing.

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