Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Things I Miss From The Past


1: Going to spend the weekends with my Aunt

2: Going with my Dad to a coin auction every Thursday

3: Saturday morning cartoons

4: Playing Atari at Woolco while waiting for my Mom to get off work there.

5: Taking off with my Dad on a weekend and just driving to anywhere we ended

6: Trying to stay awake at nights even on a school night to listen to good classic rock on the radio\

7: Seeing just about every movie from the late 70’s hanging at a drive in my Mom worked at

8 : Boy Scouts-I was not the best one, but I had fun

9: Hanging out with my sister’s then boyfriend David

10: Going to the record store on Friday  night

11: Showing off my knowledge to people while I was a kid

12: Spending hours in the library pouring over the books about ships

13: Watching MTV and VH1 when they actually showed videos

14: Spending time up here where I live now with my sister

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