Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stand Your Ground

Could you take a life to save a life?   Last week’s daring defense of her home by Oklahoma Mom  Sarah McKinley, who shot and killed an armed man who was trying to break into her house was a good example of self defense used properly.  If this writer had been in the same situation, even though he’s uneasy around guns, he would have done  the same thing, to protect himself and his family.  A man/woman’s home is their castle, they have a right to defend it if lives are in danger.


On the other hand, does a person who is being bullied have the right to use deadly force against said bully?  A Florida high schooler who was being assaulted by a kid who had been bullying him for months stabbed him to death. The judge said that the state’s stand your ground law and self defense applied, since the kid had a reasonable fear that bodily harm was going to happen.  As always, these events should always be  judged on a case to case basis.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Sarah is still young enough to get on with her life. They will never let her live this down. She may be getting kudos now, but they'll turn on her like rabid dawgs soon enuff. She's only 18. She'll grow, develop, go back to school, raise a son, and do better...if she leaves now.

After the attention dies down, they'll just think she's tuff. Then they'll want to know how tuff. It won't end for her- sad to say. She'll be nursing someone else, like the one she lost, or the one that tried to break in who thought his pain was much more important than hers (assuming a couple of hours of grieving would be enough time to put away the past and focus on his pain.

Hope she leaves and makes plans for a new life. All they want there is the two party system of twit and twat. They believe that gawd came for both the Jews and the Gentials.