Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Fan fiction, straight from my Keyboard


A “What If” From True Blood Season 1 EP. 10: If Bill had resisted his sentence, and escaped the Magister’s tribunal , rescuing Jessica and not turning her.

The girl looked like she wasn’t more then 16 0r 17, Bill estimated. Those vampires who had brought her to the tribuanal clearly had roughed her up, judging from the bruises on her face and arms, and her red hair was in a mess. She was totally frightened out of her wits, praying and babbling on. “Mr. Compton, my records show that you’ve never been a Maker, is that correct?” the Magister coldly inquired. “Yes, that’s correct,” Bill replied in a low voice. “You know the process, do you not?” “Yes I do.” “Then proceed.”

“I’m a Christian, Jesus will take me to Heaven”, the girl kept saying over and over. “What’s your name?” , Bill asked, not being sure if he even wanted to know. “Jessica,” she answered, “Jessica Hamby.” Smiling, Bill told her “Look at me, Jessica, look in my eyes, it will be OK.” The glamouring took its effect, and Jessica calmed down. “Excuse me, there is no glamouring aloud here, get on with it!” the Magister growled. “She’s just a girl!”, Bill protested, baring his fangs. “Get on with it, and do as you’re told!” the Magister hissed, looking like he was about ready to rip Bill apart himself.

Screaming, pleading, Jessica crawled on the ground, trying to get away, But Bill grabbed her, pulling her neck back, extending his fangs, preparing to bite, her, beginning the transformation.

In the split second before his fangs bit into Jessica’s flesh, his mind was racing. “No!, I will not condemn this sweet girl to an eternity of hell like I’ve been through!”, He thought to himself. Cradelling her in his arms, he he leapt high into the tree tops above and when he landed, he became nothing but a blur as he ran at probably the fastest he’d ever ran since his own turning.

After making sure the coast was clear, and that none of the other vampires were folllowing him, Bill stopped in a small alley in the middle of whatever town he had been forced to come to to receive his sentence. Jessica had fainted, and was still out of it, so he waited till she woke up, planning his next move.

“Thank you, Sir”, Jessica whimpered as she fully woke up. “You saved my life. I guess not all vampires are bad like my Daddy said.” “No we aren’t all bad, Jessica. Some of us want to live in peace with humans. The ones who took you don’t. Now ,I’m going to do something to you, so you won’t remember what happened. Look into my eyes, I will make all this go away.” She looked into Bill’s eyes, and her mind became his. “Jessica, Tell me where you live. I’ll take you home and you will invite me into your home. You will tell your parents that you were out for a walk, and that you were attacked by a man who roughed you up, but I happened to be passing by, and I stopped him, and I’m bringing you home.”

After taking Jessica home,and glamouring her family so that they believed her story, Bill had to plan what to do next. The dawn was coming, so he had to find somewhere to go to ground soon. He couldn’t go back to his house, since the Magister had probaly ordered Eric, as Sherriff of the area, to find him, and stake him on the spot. He found a wooded area far from the outskirts of town, and dug in for the day.

The next night , Bill rose, walked till he found a parking lot full of cars, knocked out the driver, took his keys, and hit the highway, heading as far away as he could get.

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