Thursday, August 04, 2011

Historical What-Ifs

Sometimes, the course of History can be changed if something different happens. Suppose how things in our country would have went if…

1: George Washington decided to stay in retirement at Mount Vernon and declined either to lead the Continental Army in 1775 or accept the presidency in 1789.

2: After the South seceded, they either won the Civil War, or the North decided to say “Seeya” and peace was  made, and there were 2 countries.

3: Had Lincoln survived, would Reconstruction had have been easier? Or would the Radical Republicans impeached him for his leniency towards the South as they actually did to Andrew Johnson.

4: Had the election of 1876 not been stolen by the Republicans, how would a Tillman presidency been?

5: Had the Republicans not been divided in 1912, could Taft, If reelected, or Teddy Roosevelt if his campaign been sucessful prevented the US from entering World War 1?

6:  If FDR had been defeated for reelection in 1936 or decided not to run for a 3rd term in 1940, could his successors have kept us out of WW2?

7: Had FDR not died in April 1945, would he have authorized the dropping of the Atomic Bombs?

8: Suppose we had not dropped the Bomb, and we had to invade Japan, how much time would it have taken and how many lives would have been lost?

9: If  JFK had not been shot,and served 2 terms, would Viet Nam have ended earlier?  Civil Rights legistation passed?  would we have had Nixon elected in 1968?

10: If not for Iran, would we be saying “Ronald Who?”

11: see no 4, Change it to 2000 election, how would Al Gore have been as president?

12: If not for 9/11 would GW Bush been reelected?

The Possibilities are endless..

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