Friday, January 14, 2011


Political speech seems to have degraded into a shouting, name calling match like a bunch of school kids.  Just because we differ on political views does not necessarily  mean that one person is right and the other one is wrong.  A Democrat's idea might be just as good as a Republican's, though they may differ.  This does not give the 2 sides the right to go calling each other's names, and stir up their followers into a frenzy. This sometimes convinces the followers that violence is the only way to get their point through.  Back in the old times,  Politicians respected their political rivals, and when they disagreed  with them , they tried to hash our their differences, and when they couldn't, they just agreed to disagree, and let the matter rest.  People of both parties should try to imitate their predecessors in that respect.  The public is getting turned off by these antics. They elected their Senators and Congresspeople to do the work they're supposed to do, not bicker and act like babies.

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