Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Things I miss from my Childhood

To those I went to school with: If I mention anything your remember, feel free to comment!

Dinner at Chesapeake Bay Seafood House most weekends

Shopping at Pan Am Shopping Center

Going to the Waxy Maxie's record store to buy records and tapes (Remember those?)

The RCA Dog  in Merrifield

An actual drive in theater in Merrifield that my Mom worked at

The Woolco store in Pan Am that my my mom worked at and spent evenings there playing Atari waiting for her to get off of work.

Tysons Corner Shopping Center

Fairfax Circle

Hanging at both the Fairfax and Vienna Libraries

Going to 7-11 just about every day to buy comic books

The Greaseman on DC 101

The time when TV actually had good cartoons

And many more memories....

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