Monday, December 06, 2004


For those of you who know me, this doesn't come as a surprise, but I love history. It has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid, maybe 9 0r 10. that, combined with my love of reading, had made me a veritible fountain of information. Ask me any thing about US history, wars, or ships, and I can probably give you an answer. I guess I like history because it's interesting to learn and know about the people and events that happened in the early part of your life and before you were born.

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Stef said...

Hey there, I just popped in via BlogExplosion...

You sound like my 18 year old son. He's a major history buff, but is majoring in Engineering in college. If there is anything anyone wants to know about WWII, he's the guy to ask.

Take care!